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Hi Gouda Friends!

We're Kelsi and Taylor, the founders and owners of 2 Gouda Girls.  We spent several years waitressing together as our side hustle at a small, family-owned Italian restaurant.  Once the COVID-19 Pandemic began, the restaurant we worked at together for several years closed it's doors.  We didn't want to give up our Thursday nights together, so we began creating charcuterie boards during our wine nights.  And just like that 2GG was born...  Like they say when one door closes, another one opens!

We hope to bring the same joy to your home or special event that we experience when designing custom charcuterie creations. Each charcuterie order is thoughtfully curated to bring Gouda friends and family together. 



Located in Worcester, Massachusetts, 2 Gouda Girls is the perfect addition to a date night, friends night in, your next social gathering, or larger events.

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